Contact your MP

Viva's terminal threatens our community safety, marine environment and climate targets. 

If your local member is one of the MPs listed below, you can click 1 button to start an email to them, and then customise and send the email from your email app. 

Christine Couzens - Geelong
Ella George - Lara
Alison Marchant - Bellarine
Darren Cheeseman - South Barwon
Michaela Settle - Eureka
Tim Pallas - Werribee

You'll notice that the email is BCC'ed to an email address, this is so we can count how many emails have been sent.  If you don't want to participate, simply delete the email address

Thank you for taking action!

For everyone who takes the time to raise an issue with them, they know there are many more people who feel the same way.

Join with others

Geelong Sustainability MP Engagement Group provides a way that you can turn your climate concerns into climate actions, working together and encouraging each other to put pressure on our MPs and get some action in parliament! 

Meeting on the third Wed of every month, usually online, we have great sessions – lots of talking and participation – and true to our aim, letters and emails are written and sent!

Using the Climate for Change briefs and templates we write to politicians at Local, State and Federal levels, addressing the climate change issues that are important to us as individuals.

Most importantly we feel safe, encouraged and informed, and we enjoy connecting! Please join us – everyone is welcome. No experience necessary – come as you are!

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