The inquiry into Viva's gas import terminal proposal found that the report is so deficient that Viva have been asked to redo significant portions of their report. Read the full summary of the report.

Victoria heavily relies on fossil gas, which poses a significant threat to our climate goals, health and household budgets.
We must urgently phase it out.

What's wrong with "natural" gas?
Fossil gas is methane and is responsible for 17% of all emissions in Victoria.

Studies show that ~12% of asthma cases are caused by indoor pollution from gas appliances. The benzene levels emitted can be greater than those from secondhand smoke.

Gas is now expensive and Victoria is running out of it, all-electric solar homes can make substantial bill savings while preserving gas for industrial users who will need more time to transition.

Powering Change - from fossil gas to all-electric homes and businesses for all

The Victorian government has made a good first step by banning gas connections to new homes. But that’s just the start, many of us already have polluting, expensive and harmful gas appliances in our homes. We need a plan that gets everyone off gas and doesn't leave anyone behind.

We've been out in the community learning more about this issue, and have produced a report with our findings. 

Learn more and access the report

Gas companies are looking to delay our transition and keep trying to make the problem worse by importing gas and drilling in the 12 Apostles for gas. Viva and Vopak both want to build gas import terminals in Corio Bay and Port Phillip Bay to bring-in fracked gas from overseas. By advocating to get off fossil gas we can stop these projects in their tracks.