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A decision has (sort of) been made on Viva's gas terminal!

On the 8th of March 2023, the Victorian Government stated that they had “been left with no choice” but to request that Viva redo elements of their Environmental Effects Statement after the Independent Inquiry and Advisory Committee was unable to determine if the project would have “an acceptable or an unacceptable level of environmental impact”.

While this isn’t the outright rejection that we hoped for — but this isn’t a bad outcome.  It means that Viva need to spend more time and money to fix their mistakes, meanwhile we as a state and a community have more time to help get our houses and businesses off gas. Thus undermining the business case for gas terminals and giving more time for our Government, with our vocal assistance, to come to their senses on fossil gas.

Viva have had years to get their information straight, why should we trust them to get it right the second time around?

We think that the Independent Committee’s inability to come to a decision is a recognition of the concerns that you and this community bravely, consistently and loudly proclaimed throughout the process. You should be incredibly proud of what you did to amplify the message — whether it be signing a petition, writing a letter, making a submission to the panel, attending an event, speaking up at the hearing or attending a meeting with an MP.

The Andrew’s Government was elected on promises of greater action on climate change, but a report from Environment Victoria this week highlighted that achieving those emissions reductions targets will require more than closing power stations; finding that “if gas consumption follows the forecast in Viva Energy’s gas import terminal proposal, then the gas sector would be responsible for nearly half (45%) of Victorian emissions in 2035.”

The path from here is not clear - this outcome might either cause Viva to back away from the project (a big win) or make another attempt at the EES process and fail again or succeed the second time around. We will continue to strongly assert that this project and others like it, should be outright rejected due to the safety risks it places on local residents, the mockery it makes of Victoria’s emission reduction targets and the damage it would cause to our local environment - among many other concerns. 

We hope that you will continue to join us in standing up against fossil gas — and take a moment for yourself to celebrate this partial win.

This information came through a question that the Hon. Ellen Sandell MP (Greens) put to the Hon. Sonya Kilkenny (Planning Minister) in question time yesterday. You can watch the clip here:

No Gas Terminal in Corio Bay!

Tell the Victorian government to reject plans for a gas import terminal in Corio Bay, and invest in renewable energy jobs instead.

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Why we oppose the gas import terminal


Gas is highly flammable and many locals are concerned about safety. Best practice is to locate gas terminals and LNG tankers at least 3.5kms away from residents, as happens elsewhere in Australia. Geelong residents will live within 2km of Viva's proposed terminal and less than 250m away from the transiting LNG tankers. The risks to life include asphyxiation, incineration or burns. 


Gas is a dangerous and polluting fuel that contributes to the climate crisis. LNG is Methane, which can be even worse for the climate than coal because it leaks into the atmosphere. This leaked gas traps more warmth, increasing our risks of severe heat, drought, bushfires and sea-level rise.


We are at an energy crossroads.We have a choice to make, continue to invest in polluting fossil fuel infrastructure or transition our households and businesses to electric appliances that are cheaper, cleaner and safer to run.

Fish with cross over it

These floating gas terminals are a threat to marine life and fishing. The Victorian government has already rejected a gas terminal in Westernport Bay because of “unacceptable risks” to the marine environment. Fishers will likely face extensive exclusion zones along the shipping channel and gas terminal to ensure the security of the LNG tankers and the floating gas terminal.

Green wind turbine

Geelong should be a hub for renewables, not gas. Let’s position our city for the future of work. We’ve got the infrastructure, skilled workforce and proud manufacturing heritage to grow a clean energy industry.

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Tell the Victorian government to reject plans for a gas import terminal in Corio Bay, and invest in renewable energy jobs instead.

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How you can help


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Increase your knowledge of the risks, myths and alternatives to gas. And find out how to reduce your footprint and get your home or business off gas

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Geelong Renewables Not Gas is a group of locals concerned about this gas terminal plan. We’re made up of people worried about the impact on fishing and boating, about safety for North Shore residents, about environmental concerns and the climate crisis.We’re supported by ACF Community Geelong. The ACF is Australia’s national environment organisation. 

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