Current Status:

Waiting for a decision from the Victorian Government, no decision has yet been made.

Viva's proposal along with a report from the Inquiry and Advisory Committee was provided to the Government in December 2022.  We have received no indication of when a decision will be made to reject or allow Viva's gas import terminal project. 

Decoding emails from the Inquiry and Advisory Panel. 

If you made a submission to the inquiry you might have received emails from “Viva Energy Gas Terminal Inquiry and Advisory Committee (DELWP)”.  We can help you decode these emails from legal-speak into plain language.

  1. They are not from Viva, but are from the Government Inquiry Panel that has been established to investigate Viva’s Environmental Effects Statement. 
  2. As a submitter you will continue to receive occasional emails to advise you of the progress of the Inquiry Panel
  3. In light of the deteriorating flu and COVID situation, the Inquiry Panel has opted to conduct the hearings online. 
  4. If you requested to make an in-person submission to the inquiry panel, then you should make sure that you check the schedule to see what date and time you have been allocated to present. You can find the schedule here.
  5. We intend to run a short webinar if people would like any assistance or practice in preparing to speak to the panel.  But we want to reassure people that it is easy and can be as simple as reading the statement that you have already submitted to the panel.  If you are interested in attending a webinar, where you can learn more - click here to register your interest. 

What is an EES and how does it work?
When the government judges a project to present a risk to the environment, they request that the applicant (Viva) prepare an Environmental Effects Statement.

Viva pays for various studies into different aspects of the environment that their proposal might effect and submits them to the Government for review, this is called an Environmental Effects Statement.  

 Once the public exhibition period closes on the 11th of April, the Government will appoint an Inquiry and Advisory Committee to examine the EES and any public comment that has been submitted.  They will then make a recommendation to the Planning Minister Richard Wynne, who makes the ultimate decision. You can read more about the process on the Victorian Government website.


Where can I read the EES?
Viva have published the EES on their website.  You can access it below.

Read the EES


Isn't this a 'done-deal'?
Nope! AGL's Gas Import Terminal in Westernport was blocked by the government last year after the EES process found that it would have "unacceptable effects on the environment in Western Port". Over 6000 submissions were made by individuals and groups to the EES.


Watch our presentation!
On the 8th of July 2022, we presented our submission to the Inquiry and Advisory Panel.  You can listen to the audio and download our presentation

Key Impacts

The LNG import terminal proposal is damaging across many areas of our environment, community and climate.