The Threat

Viva Energy plans to build a massive floating LNG import terminal in Corio Bay, taking our community in the wrong direction.

What is proposed

There are 3 key parts that make up the LNG import terminal, that bring different risks, hazards and disruptions to our community.

A floating storage regasification unit (or FSRU)

A huge ship moored to an extension of Refinery pier for the length of the project. FSRUs are typically 300m long and 50m high. Below is an image of the Hoegh 'Giant', this was the FSRU proposed by AGL for the rejected terminal in Westernport Bay.

The FSRU receives the gas in liquid form from visiting tankers and warms it back up to create a gas (regasification). The gas is further processed off the vessel before it is sent on.


Visiting LNG tankers
Up to 40 ships a year will visit Corio Bay and dock alongside the FSRU. These ships are typically as long and as tall as the FSRU itself.


Onshore infrastructure - including a pipeline to Lara

A 7km pipeline will connect the FSRU, the processing facility and the gas it produces to the Victorian Transmission System at Lara.

Key Impacts

The LNG import terminal proposal is damaging across many areas of our environment, community and climate.