Roadmap to Zero Emissions Report

24,000 new, full time equivalent jobs

Geelong Sustainability and ACF Community Geelong have commissioned a report that shows the employment opportunities that exist for the Geelong region if we take action to transition to a zero emissions economy. 

The report shows what jobs could be created over the next five years if we look to how our region’s talents and skills could be used in the industries of the future.

The report builds on the Million Jobs Plan, by Beyond Zero emissions, breaking down the report into a single region.


Colin Long, transitions officer with Victorian Trades Hall Council, said

"the Jobs Analysis shows what a prosperous zero emissions Geelong could look like. There are many more job opportunities if we shift to a renewables-powered economy. But to make that happen we need to have the right policies in place and a well-funded plan that puts workers and their communities at the centre of the transition. Importantly, we have to take the advice of the UNFCCC and International Energy Agency seriously and put an end to new fossil fuel investments."

Andy McCarthy CEO of RACV Solar, said

"As this report shows, the entire supply chain creates a wonderfully diverse range of opportunities that are both sustainable and rewarding,” 

“In our business we have a wide range of skills and backgrounds – from electricians, software developers, engineers and drone pilots, to accountants, warehouse and logistics experts, and project managers.”

Jennifer Cromarty, CEO of Committee for Geelong, said

“Next year the Committee for Geelong will embark on a new strategy and we see this Roadmap to Zero Emissions report as a foundation for deeper analysis and a key action area for us for the next 3-4 years."