Parliamentary Petition – Photo Opportunity on the steps of Parliament 🗓 🗺

Our Parliamentary Petition with over +2500 responses is being tabled in the Parliament on the 14th of September.
Join us on the steps of Parliament at 1pm on the 21st of September for a photo opportunity with the MPs supporting the petition. 

Bring your signs and banners and gather to remind our elected representatives and the media that there is a diverse and vibrant opposition to this project. 

If you’d like to see Andy Meddick MP and Samantha Ratnam MP talk to our petition in Parliament you can join us in the chamber to hear them, they will be speaking in Parliament at 5pm on the same day. Access to the Parliament is restricted, so please get in contact with us if you’d like to attend as we need to put your name on a list.

Scheduled Events
Parliament of Victoria, Spring Street, Melbourne Map