Geelong Community Group Calls on Geelong Council to Ban Gas Connections

Community group Geelong Sustainability (GS) is calling on the Geelong Council to follow the lead of Yarra City Council in Melbourne and ban gas connections to new dwellings in the region.

Spokesperson Sally Fisher says “the demand for gas is falling and may virtually disappear because it can’t compete with renewables.

“Yarra City Council’s decision is an example that Geelong should follow. It would help residents save between 50 and 80 percent of their current energy costs by retrofitting homes to improve energy efficiency. These savings would amount to annual savings of between $1500-$2480 per household, whilst also creating local jobs to undertake this work.

“The State Government has programs in place that enable households to make the switch and enjoy those savings,” Ms Fisher says.

Supporting Geelong Sustainability’s call to replace gas with electric appliances powered by renewable energy, the Australian Energy Market Operator, in its annual gas statement of opportunities, says future demand for gas does not list a single situation where gas demand increases over the next 20 years.

“Rather the report says it is more likely that small and large consumers will choose electric options powered by renewables, rather than gas,” Ms Fisher said.

About Geelong Sustainability

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