Experts to Tell Residents about the Risks of Viva’s Proposed Gas Import Terminal

A panel of speakers with expertise in the oil and gas industry, environment and recreational fishing will answer Geelong residents’ questions about the risks associated with Viva Energy’s bid to build a potentially dangerous and polluting gas import terminal in Corio Bay at an online meeting next week.

Sally Fisher of Geelong Renewables Not Gas said “Many people live within just a few hundred metres from ships that will deliver gas to the proposed terminal that will be moored near Viva’s Oil Refinery.” 

Analysis to be presented to the meeting says residents living within 3.5km of the shipping channel could be impacted by an accident or incident involving LNG tankers. This includes people in North Shore, North Geelong, Norlane, Rippleside, Geelong West and Corio.

“With the possibility of a gas terminal nearly the height of the Giant Sky Wheel on Geelong Foreshore and the length of Cunningham Pier in the neighbourhood, a growing number of residents are saying they feel unsafe and are very disturbed,” Ms Fisher said.

“Residents and local fishermen also have very real concerns about the impacts of dredging which could dislodge toxic sediments and the chlorine used in the gas terminal which could affect fish and seagrass and possibly impact nearby internationally recognised Ramsar Wetlands.” 

The meeting, on Wednesday October 13, 6 to 8pm, will hear from speakers including:

Garth Norman, a concerned North Shore resident and engineer in the oil and gas industry for more than 20 years. 

Rai Miralles, from Environment Victoria, a campaigner focused on pushing for the state to rapidly transition away from gas.

Dr Coralie Jenkin, a concerned North Shore resident and editor of the online newsletter TWINS: The Week In North Shore 

Geoff Wilson, a local fishing identity and fishing writer in the Geelong Advertiser.

Ms Fisher said “Our city and region need jobs and energy. However, there are many job-rich alternatives in renewable electrification industries rather than increasing risks to the community from gas, an explosive fossil fuel which is a significant contributor to climate change.”

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