Community Group Calls for Deakin Lab Report on Viva Terminal to Be Made Public

Community group Geelong Sustainability is calling for Deakin University’s Blue Carbon Lab to make public its assessment of Viva Energy’s proposed floating gas terminal at the Geelong refinery.

The independent assessment of the environmental and socio-economic impacts of Viva’s proposed floating gas terminal is being funded by Geelong Port, the commercial operator of the city’s port in Corio Bay.

Spokesperson for Geelong Sustainability’s Geelong Renewables Not Gas campaign, Greg Foyster says “we welcome an independent assessment into the social and economic impacts of a floating gas terminal in Corio Bay, but the process must be transparent.”

“The proposed gas terminal would affect thousands of people living near Corio Bay so those people deserve to know what the trade-offs are.

“The transition from fossil fuels to renewables is complex and there are many pathways to reduce emissions as well as myths and false solutions. Releasing this report to the public when it is complete will allow proper independent scrutiny. “

“Any evidence that might impact the Environment Effects Statement for the project should also be made public before the inquiry hearings proceed as a matter of fair process.”

“We call on Geelong Ports and Deakin Blue Carbon Lab to commit to making the full report public as soon as it is available,” Mr Foyster said.

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