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The Geelong Renewables Not Gas campaign is run entirely by volunteers who hope their efforts will help achieve a better environment for our city and our region.

We are up against some well-funded companies who are much better resourced than us to promote their case.

To run a successful campaign we need your support, however modest, to meet the cost of creating community awareness of the gas terminals issue. Our costs include printing, signage, advertising and the staging of events.

So please click the donate button and know you are helping the campaign to make your city, your region and country a better place to live.

Donations are not tax-deductible. Please fill out the form and make your donation via bank transfer.

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Geelong Renewables Not Gas is a group of locals concerned about this gas terminal plan. We’re made up of people worried about the impact on fishing and boating, about safety for North Shore residents, about environmental concerns and the climate crisis.We’re supported by ACF Community Geelong. The ACF is Australia’s national environment organisation. 

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